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Based in Yverdon, Sekoya focuses all its efforts on offering a range of food supplements of the highest quality and an impeccable customer service.

For years we have been working closely with nutritionists and naturopaths to develop exclusive preparations that meet today's expectations; to provide the body naturally with all the precious nutrients it needs and thus preserve its proper functioning for the days and years to come.

Sekoya pays special attention to the quality of its products. We carefully select top quality ingredients from protected cultures. These raw materials are processed in a gentle way that preserves all the quality and nutritional values of the plant, fruit or micro-organism.

To these extracts, which are very rich in micronutrients, we add minerals and/or vitamins from natural sources in judicious proportions, which offer better bioavailability than the synthetic vitamins usually used.

Sekoya cottage


The laboratories that produce Sekoya formulations are subject to the GMP* standard currently in force for pharmaceutical laboratories. This standard is a set of very strict criteria established in the pharmacopoeias and guarantees an irreproachable quality control for Sekoya functional foods or food supplements.
*GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice

Like Sekoya, these independent laboratories are regularly checked by the competent authorities, i.e. the cantonal chemists and/or the Federal Office of Public Health.

When the raw materials are harvested, they are checked on site for undesirable substances such as metals and pesticides. The raw materials are then checked when they arrive at the laboratory. There are several control measures during the processing.

Since 2015, the products are systematically checked by analysis and the vitamin content is controlled by the Swiss Institute of Vitamins

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A few days after you have placed your order, we will contact you to ensure that you have received your order and that there are no defects in its contents. At this time, we will answer all your questions, whether they are related to food supplements or of an administrative nature.

Before the end of your treatment, we will contact you again to find out how you feel about the effect of the products and your general level of satisfaction. You can contact us at any time and we will do our best to satisfy your request.

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